We help producers, farmers and merchants to cooperate for the joint goods sale at the famous oriental bazaars and most popular European markets.

Online trading is very modern, the Internet offers an ocean of goods, but traditional bazaars with markets have been, are and always will be. Ancient bazaars change formats and turn into malls, but their main principle remains unchanged - direct personal communication between the buyer and the seller, the possibility of bargaining and inspection of goods, the constant movement of money.

Not all suppliers and producers have their own online stores, not everyone has the opportunity to rent a good place at a popular market, and much more at a famous one, with their own means. Therefore, we invite everyone who wants to sell goods in the allknown oriental bazaars of Asia, in the best markets in Europe, as well as around the world, to optimize costs and efforts in the All Bazaars cooperative.

What are we doing

Bulgri EOOD rents trade pavilions at famous and popular bazaars and markets, equips, hires sellers, settles all issues with market administrations and local authorities, and then sells goods of cooperative members. We will try to equip trade pavilions with webcams soon, so everyone will watch everything in a real time. If the supplier does not like the market or outlet, he can choose another one in any time.

Settlements with suppliers are possible in three ways:

- immediate payment upon delivery of the goods - for members of the cooperative, winners of procurement tenders;
- payment with a delay of up to 7 days - for members of the cooperative;
- payment upon the sale of goods with daily / weekly settlement - for participants who are not members of the cooperative.

Who are our suppliers

We work with farmers, merchants, individual producers, factories and companies without any restrictions on product categories. But we believe that, first of all, our service is more useful to foreign suppliers than to domestic ones. For a citizen of Georgia, there is no problem to trade in any market in Georgia, or for a citizen of Great Britain - in Great Britain. But it will be much easier for them to swap places with the help of our trade cooperative. Therefore, we invite those who are interested in exporting products abroad and in wholesale and retail trade in the market segment.

Conditions for participation

Any producer, farmer or merchant has may to offer us goods for sale in their own prices, both food and industrial goods, without restrictions. All expenses for certification, customs clearance and delivery of goods to the retail network are borne by the supplier. However we return part of the funds through the cash-back promotion.

Our commission is 2 percent of the proceeds.

The members of the cooperative pay an annual share contribution of 500 euros, as in any cooperative. The share contribution is returned to the owner upon his exit from the cooperative, or upon termination of the cooperative's activities. The share contribution brings the owner an annual dividend from the activities of the cooperative.

Winners of tenders for the supply of certain categories of goods are exempt from the costs of customs clearance and labeling of goods, if this is specified in the terms of the tender. Participation in tenders is provided only for members of the cooperative.

What goods and quantity the supplier delivers

We do not limit the range of food and industrial products. The volume of deliveries takes place only by agreement.

How we help suppliers

First, we try to sell the goods faster. The supplier sends it to the nearest and convenient European market, where there is our outlet, but then we at our own expense deliver the goods to outlets in other markets. Of course, the supplier will be aware of where his goods are sold, but he does not pay for it.

Secondly, we try to sell the goods not only at retail and not only for money, but we are considering barter and payment options in the interests of the supplier.

Thirdly, for the aforementioned two percent of the proceeds, the supplier receives a staff of our lawyers, marketers, commodity specialists and working personnel to help grow his business.

Why is it profitable to work with us

For members of the cooperative, all trade costs are much lower than with independent lease of retail space and registration of trade permits. Especially for foreign sellers exporting their goods. God only knows how much labor and money a European farmer needs to spend to start trading on his own in the Green Market in New York, then look for buyers at Tehran's Grand Bazaar, and then open in South Africa or Indian Mumbai. And within the framework of a trade cooperative it is quite possible, it is done for a short time, incomparable in terms of costs, and also exciting.


WOMEN'S BAZAAR / Zhenski Pazar, Sofia, Bulgaria - eight pavilions rented, we invite suppliers.

KRASNO SELO / Red Village, universal market, Sofia - one pavilion for food with an area of ​​18 sq.m. was rented, we invite suppliers.

Immediate targets, coming soon:

YASHIL BAZAR / Yasıl Bazar Green Market, Baku, Azerbaijan

BOROUGH MARKET / Borough Market, London, UK

EGYPTIAN BAZAAR / Mısır Çarşısı, Istanbul, Turkey

CENTRAL MARKET OF BELO HORIZONTE / Mercado Central de Belo Horizonte, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

SOUTH MELBOURNE MARKET / South Melbourn Market, Melbourne. Australia